5 Energy Efficient Home Building Technological Innovations

In the age of information technology and innovation, the art of custom home building is also experiencing a transformation through the development of smart appliances, better, smarter, construction process, and wireless gadgets. Similar to your smartphones, the latest and greatest in custom home building is smart homes. Smart homes greatly improve your lifestyle and comfort, while also reducing energy costs, producing sustainable homes, and positively impact the environment.

Here is a list of five custom home building innovations that improve quality of life and reduce energy costs.

1. Home Automation

In a smart home, start-of-the art automation is a must in today’s custom home building project. The latest smart home features include the ability to control lights and lamps, window shades, HVAC, audio and video, fireplaces, and security system all from the touch of a button whether on your wall, remote, or mobile devices.

2. Optimum Value Engineering – Advanced Framing Techniques

Optimum value engineering (OVE) is an advanced framing technique which focuses on reducing thermal bridging by off-setting interior and exterior framing walls. This technique improves energy efficiency and performance by replacing lumber with insulated material resulting in lumber waste reduction, lower labor costs, and reducing heat loss through the walls. There can be drawbacks to this technique based on geographical location and project specifics. Please check with your builder or contractor to determine if OVE if right for your new project.

3. High-Performing, Energy Efficient Windows

Windows can be an excellent source for reducing energy costs. Non-air tight windows allow hot air in during the summer months and cold air in during winter months; both increasing your energy costs. A great way to reducing energy costs and increase your living comfort is to replace your old, low performing windows with energy efficient, Energy Star-rated, high-performing windows and window frames.

4. Energy Efficient Ductwork Systems

A major energy drain can often be poorly sealed or insulated ducts. Ducts move air from your air condition and furnace to every part of your house. If you are building a new custom home, consider energy efficient ducting such as GatorDuct® which is strong, sustainable, lightweight, and insulated revolutionary ductwork system that is 100% recyclable or any innovative ductwork system that meets your energy efficiency goals. If you are renovating, start by sealing all the ducts in your crawlspace, attic, or basement with a sealant or foil tape then wrapping them in insulation.

5. Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters have been around for several years, but haven’t reached the mass appeal level that is due. A tankless water heater can offer multiple unsung homeowner benefits such as up to 50 percent reduction in their utility bills, hot water on demand, space saving, and energy efficiency.

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August 1, 2018

Mockingbird Builders Randall Patterson CEO

Randall Patterson, LEED AP

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