Top 5 Questions To Consider When Creating Your Luxury Kitchen

The sheer idea of creating your dream kitchen is as exciting as opening presents on Christmas morning. The kitchen is one of, if not, the most valuable rooms in the home.

In today’s modern family, the kitchen is not only about preparing meals, but also the family’s communication hub. The transformation of technology and fast-paced lives have shifted the functionality of the kitchen.

As you prepare to meet with an architect or builder, here are my top five questions to contemplate before rebuilding your new luxury kitchen.

1. What Do You Enjoy About Your Current Kitchen?

In the excitement of designing a new kitchen, it’s easy to lose track of what you already love. For example, do you love your current layout? Does your existing kitchen island have all the features you desire in your new kitchen? Do you have a large pantry?

A genuine assessment of your current kitchen design, layout, and enjoyable features will enhance your new luxury kitchen. Dream big because your new kitchen can be anything you want it to be, but remember what already makes you smile in your current kitchen.

2. What Do You Dislike Most About Your Current Kitchen?

We’ve suggested making a list of all the features you love about your current kitchen. Now, we suggest you make a list of all the features you currently dislike about your current kitchen.

Processing and answering this question may feel more therapeutic than question #1 because your dreams of a new luxury kitchen are becoming more realized as you envision your new kitchen. Since we often brood over all the annoyance of our current kitchen, making a list of everything you want to change will keep you focused on the change to come without forgetting the small and big changes while you discuss your new luxury kitchen must have with your kitchen designer.

3. Research, Research, and Research Your New Luxury Kitchen Wish List!

Researching the minuscule details of your new luxury kitchen will not only pay off in the end by creating your masterpiece and saving money, but it will also be a fun task.

I recommend frequenting websites and downloading photos of your luxury kitchen vision. This could be a perfect opportunity to create a lookbook or mood board of your favorite kitchen design, style, and features. For example, do you prefer traditional, classic, or contemporary custom cabinets? Do you prefer hardwood, tile, or concrete? Do you dream of a marble slab backsplash, glass tile, or stone?

Here Is A List Of Luxury Kitchen Items To Research For Your Lookbook or Mood Board:

  1. Layout
  2. Kitchen Cabinets & Molding
  3. Kitchen Island(s)
  4. Appliances & Vent Hood
  5. Lighting
  6. Marble, Granite, Quartz, or
  7. Cambria Countertops
  8. Backsplash
  9. Sink(s)
  10. Faucet
  11. Cabinet Hardware
  12. Paint
  13. Hardwood or Tile Flooring

4. What Is Your Long-Term Purpose For Your Home and Luxury Kitchen?

As you redesign your new luxury kitchen, I recommend considering your long-term plans for your home and kitchen, which will assist you in including kitchen features important to your present and future goals.

For example, if your long-term goal is to sell your home in 10 years, consider designing a kitchen that not only fits your family wish list but will also sell well. As a general rule, most kitchen remodels are approximately 25% of your home’s value. Keeping this in mind will help you choose style options that do not exceed your home’s future resell value.

5. Collaborate Your New Luxury Kitchen Wish List With Family Members

Invest the time needed and discuss your new luxury kitchen wish list with the whole family. I’ve often found that many household members have the same wish list, but with differing, positive solutions. The collaboration will ensure the whole family participates in the transformation and loves the final outcome.

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September 1, 2018

Mockingbird Builders Randall Patterson CEO

Randall Patterson, LEED AP

Owner & Founder