5 Great Tips For Creating Exceptional Home Lighting

Lighting is a wonderful opportunity to turn your home into an array of exceptional rooms. Lighting can make the difference between a livable versus family magnet room in your weekend movie cave, home office, chef’s kitchen, spa bath, or master bedroom retreat.

Mockingbird Builders encourages clients to spend extra time during the design and architectural phase to research, shop, and envision your ideal lighting plan. Lighting is one of the latter home stages completed during construction, but designing your space with lighting in mind will go a long way to create your dream space for each room.

Here are 5 great tips to create exceptional lighting for your new forever custom home or renovation.

1. Lighting Plan

When it comes to lighting, plan, plan, and plan more. A great lighting plan will go a long way in meeting your home’s lighting goals and family needs. During the design and architectural phase, it will be important for you to determine if you prefer two, three, or four pendants above your kitchen island. Or, how many recessed lights will work best in your kitchen and family room based on the room size. This is also a great time to research lighting options to ensure you stay within budget. Similar lights by different designers can have similar features, but wide-ranging price tags.

2. Ambiance

Lighting is the perfect mechanism to create your idea ambiance and mood space for each room. Lighting can display your inner creativity for dramatic flair or calm, relaxing tranquility. While creating your lighting plan, write a list of emotions you desire to experience in each room. From there, you can incorporate lighting effects, light types, and light quantities to achieve your desired vision for each room.

3. Architectural Style

Lighting is also a great way to express architectural and personal style. Lighting is a home’s accessories. Similar to a one-of-a-kind brooch necklace that perfectly and specifically compliments a single, one-of-a kind evening gown, lighting is meant to perfectly and specifically express your personal style within a specific room. Do bold or subdued wall sconces reflect your inner artist? Or, do you prefer traditional, industrial, modern, or colonial pendants?

4. Dimmers

Don’t forget the dimmers! Dimmers are an excellent method to create both ambiance and architectural style. Mood lighting can set the tone or vibe for each room when hosting game night, enjoying a relaxing night at home, or meal prep. I recommend making all lighting dimmable to create the perfect scene for different times and purposes of the day. As part of your lighting plan, include dimmers to ensure the desired dimmers work well with the type of lighting and bulbs to be used in each space.

5. Hidden Lights

Hidden lights, also known as secret lights, are a must in your forever home. Often overlooked during the design phase because hidden lights require extra electrical and design planning, they never disappoint. Several great spaces for hidden lights include under cabinet lighting in the kitchen and bathroom, under cabinet toe-kick lighting, stair risers, and under fireplace mantels.

Lighting is an excellent asset to compliment the function and ambiance in your home. Mockingbird Builders specializes in assisting your architect or designer with your forever home lighting plan.

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November 1, 2018

Mockingbird Builders Randall Patterson CEO

Randall Patterson, LEED AP

Owner & Founder