Top 5 Kitchen Island Design Features For A Luxury Kitchen

A beautiful kitchen island is a great place for life to happen. It quickly becomes your home’s grand central station as family members gather to sample the family chef’s hors d’oeuvres; friends share the latest neighborhood news, and children ask a lot of questions, or; depending on age, ignore answering a lot of questions.

When redesigning your new kitchen, keep in mind the unlimited value of your kitchen island. This unique space is not only a place for family bonding, but also to fulfill functional and practical needs such as increased kitchen storage, homework, catching up on emails, and extra seating for quick snacks.

Here Are My Top 5 Considerations To Keep In Mind When Designing Your New Kitchen Island:

1. Style

Your new island is one way to create a showstopper kitchen design. Whether people acknowledge your island’s intrinsic value or not, in reality, everyone who passes through the kitchen sees, feels, and usually sits near it. Take your time to pick the perfect cabinets, countertop, sink, cooktop, or other fancy features.

For some, the island is a design extension of the new kitchen; however, for others, the island can also be a separate art piece to stand on its own design such as a modern kitchen with a minimalist island or a country flair kitchen and vintage wood island or mixed material wood.

2. Functionality

In designing your new kitchen, consider it’s functionality to the overall kitchen space. For example, would this be a good space to add a cooktop, wine rack, or prep or farm sink? Depending on your overall kitchen design, the island might be a great place to add these functional kitchen items.

One of the best advantages to adding a cooktop to your island is to increase the ability to socialize, interact with your family, watch your favorite TV show, or catch up on your favorite podcast.

3. Seating

Seating is one of the most enjoyed kitchen island blessings. When possible, assess your ability to add seating to your new kitchen island, which can be as simple as extending the countertop beyond the cabinets or increasing the countertop overhang.

4. Storage

As a child, my mom would rummage through the kitchen cabinets looking for a that last can in the very back of the kitchen cabinets of cream of mushroom soup and say, “You can never have too much kitchen storage!”

It’s best to meet with a builder, architect, or home design store consultant to discuss ways to increase your island storage by adding extra drawers or other ingenious opportunities to sneak in a few more storage options.

5. Color

Lastly, add color to your kitchen island. Adding color to your island can be as simple as gray shaker cabinets, white marble countertop, and unique bronze handles; or, simple white country cabinets with a gray quartz countertop and black chairs; or even add more elaborate color such as chocolate glaze cabinets, granite countertops, and brushed nickel handles.

Designing your kitchen island is a special accomplishment. Only you can create a design that fills your heart with gratitude every time you turn on the kitchen lights to start cooking.

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May 1, 2018

Mockingbird Builders Randall Patterson CEO

Randall Patterson, LEED AP

Owner & Founder