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Second-Story Addition

Second-Story Addition

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Second-Story Addition

Mockingbird Builders, LLC is passionate about expanding our client’s existing homes upward.

A unique way to keep your existing home, but expand its square footage is to build upward. Mockingbird Builders specializes in conducting an audit of your existing home and providing suggestions in how to increase your square footage without expanding your foundation.

Adding a second-story addition is a great benefit for homeowners who desire to expand their home’s footprint in response to a growing family or changing lifestyle without expanding their existing home’s foundation. Building up eliminates shrinking yard space in exchange for square footage or dealing with setback or zoning issues.

A second-story addition allows homeowners the ability to increase property values and living space while keeping costs lower than building a new custom home. One of the hidden blessings of a second-story addition is the first-floor transformation that will require stairs, heating and cooling improvements and many other positive changes. A second-story addition allows your first-floor space to become your dream space while also gaining new living space above.

Contact us today to discuss building a second-story addition and transforming your existing home into your forever home!

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